Aurelle Brunjes – Stumbling

Turning a hard time into a fun song means North Queensland singer-songwriter Aurelle Brunjes has a new single!

Stumbling was born after Aurelle was diagnosed with Meniere’s Disease, which causes extreme dizziness and balance issues, and she was struggling to keep up with day-to-day tasks of getting children ready and getting to work.

“I was feeling terrible and trying to battle the physical symptom of dizziness, but trying to get kids ready for school, supporting them, and getting to work on time was becoming a hassle,” she said.

“It’s inspired by the groundhog conversations that happen everyday on a commute and go ‘round and ‘round. Everyone talks about what they’re stressed about, how they’re tired of work, or what their kids are up to.

Aurelle said everyday seemed the same story of commuting to work and trying to get there on time.

“You’re trying to adult, but you feel like you’re not quite on the mark with adulting, but this song is about having a laugh about it at the end of the day,” she said.

There is also a deeper meaning, as Aurelle wants those who are struggling to know they are seen.

“If they’re battling something – a demon – waking up in the morning and pushing themselves to be part of daily life, I feel them, and I want them to relate to it,” she said.

“I feel it’s a narrative that a lot of people can empathise with.”

Stumbling was not under consideration as a single until people at live gigs started saying it was their favourite, and Aurelle’s husband agreed.

“I couldn’t be happier with what (producer) Michael Moko did with it and I‘m also impressed that I could write something positive out of a negative experience was quite a shock for me, too,” she said.

The accompanying film clip is sure to pique interest, too, starring residents of Aurelle’s hometown of, Dimbulah.

“I put a call out on Facebook, and also had my Mum and my sisters and children in the clip, a few of their mates and other people who are big supporters of my music,” the singer-songwriter said.

Her brother-in-law shot the clip, which should have plenty of viewers laughing and nodding as they relate to the characters on the daily commute to work.

Stumbling – available from all digital music platforms – October 10

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