The Don Johnson Butlers

The 5Five Label Launches

Amongst the semi-industrial landscape of Bungalow, a slow-burning music ember is about to ignite.

The 5Five is a local imprint and studio with a DIY ethic, bad attitude and a bunch of fun artists and musicians that are about to launch to the world.

Part studio, part label, part hybrid-performance team, The 5Five brings together a range of music styles, bound by a shared love of the left-field. From deep funk to quirky synth pop, avante blues to broken beats and new-roots, The 5Five are driving a distinct agenda.

Key acts on the roster include Tegan Koster Project, The Don Johnson/Butlers, The Biri-Jah Experience, DJ No_Request, Slim Deal and the in-house 5Five DJ’s.

Tegan Koster Project has just dropped their debut track and music video ‘Fun Life’, and will soon release a double-sided cassingle with B-side ‘Come Round Here’ and some secret extra tracks.

The Don Johnson/Butlers, having established themselves with their own brand of funk-mash, have been battling music publishers to record their original re-interpretations to no avail. While being thwarted by the suits, they’ll drop their debut OG track ‘in Your Mind’ in late February.

Former member of The Pad Boys, Biri Duffin, is currently writing a bunch of new work, and this super-gun guitarist is cooking up some incredible new grooves. The Biri-Jah Experience will drop their debut track and music video in April.

DJ No_Request has been a left-field mainstay, playing a bunch of art shows and wack parties, and quietly punching out a bunch of tracks. Currently re-mixing a bunch of un-released tracks, No_Request will soon launch his “I Could’ve Been Somebody’ mini-album.

Drawing from classic blues motifs, naive guitar loops, and ethereal video backdrops, Slim Deals speaks a new roots truth. This one-man band launched his show Red In Blue in 2017, and will be dropping his gritty version of the Willie Dixon track ‘Evil’ in February.

Based in Bungalow, The 5Five imprint and studio has a DIY punk-funk attitude, and uses a variety of old tech and new tools to self-record, publish and release.

More than a simple recording studio, The 5Five’s producer, Hairbrain, explains the rationale – “The 5Five is an imprint and studio, but more so, it’s a way of life. Bungalow is a global suburb, and we aim to take The 5Five to the world.”

The 5Five will be launching their brand with guest icon Bass producer FreQ Nasty (USA), on Sat 24th Feb in Cairns. Check web for details.

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