Revival Records

Revival Records

Passing through Oceania Walk between Lake and Grafton St recently, I was surprised to find a cool little record store tucked away in the Cairns CBD that I had never come across before. Specialising in quality pre-loved vinyl and other musical assortments; the newly opened Revival Records is a must visit for any music lover with a vast selection of vinyl, framed prints, sheet music, DVD’s, CD’s, books and more.

After spending a considerable amount of time checking out the large selection, it wasn’t long till I started chatting with owner operator Ross Colley who was more than happy to show me round and answer my questions on the Vinyl resurgence the music industry has experience of late.

“A lot of people aged between 40 and 60, either sold or simply got rid of their record collections in the early 90’s when CD became the preferred format. After having that experience for 10/15 odd years, people I believe tired of listening to music on CD’s and MP3’s because it didn’t have same affection as LP’s. Vinyl is more of the complete sound. In my opinion it’s a fair better listening experience and overall package. It’s perceived to be warmer and lot more enjoyable to listen to compared to CD or MP3.”

“It really wasn’t until the mid-2000’s that people started to migrate back to LP records in a big way, and also a lot of younger bands started to ask their labels and management to press new material on vinyl. This has helped spawn a new era of younger collectors to vinyl, which has played a big part in this resurgence.”

“It’s definitely more of the complete sound” said Ross Colley.

Retiring from a marine engineering career, Ross always had a strong interest in books and music and decided to make a business out of what was essentially a passionate hobby. After moving from Geelong in Victoria to Hobart for a sea change, Ross set up shop in Hobart we’re business boomed for close to 5 years.

Since closing the shop in Hobart, Ross and his partner Rhonda decided to move north to be closer to family and decided re-establish the business up here in Cairns.

During the move, the family brought up an astonishing 20 foot container full of records and other assortments from Hobart to Cairns, guaranteeing customers a massive selection of Vinyl Records, framed prints, sheet music, DVD’s, CD’s and massive range of books, not just music related. As well as stocking a selection of recycled retro clothing, shoes, bags, belts and scarfs.

Ross also has hopes of starting an annual Record Fair in Cairns in the near future.

“I would like to hold it annually in a winter month. Inviting all vinyl lovers to showcase their collection and allow private sellers to find potential buyers. The idea is in its early stages but it is something I hope to get up and running”.

Check out REVIVAL RECORDS – Shop 28 Oceania Walk between Lake and Grafton St, Cairns CBD.

Trading Hours:

9pm till 5pm – Monday to Friday

9.30 till 3pm – Saturday

10.30pm till 2.30pm – Sunday

Check them out on Facebook at Revival Records-On Line

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