Abi Muir 2022

Abi Muir – Stockholm

After a stellar release with “Still The Same” in October last year, Abi Muir returns with the second single of her highly anticipated debut EP with the release of “Stockholm“. This track sees Abi adopt a heavier sound and brings a real sense of maturity, but maintains her unique indie pop essence that made Still the Same so well received. Stockholm is the final track of the EP and is a total crowd stopper.

The track was also recorded at the Plutonium Studios in Brisbane with recording and mixing from Aidan Hogg and Mastering done by Ben Feggans. Abi describes the inspiration for the track as “I had just finished reading Harry Potter (for the 10th time!) and was kind of obsessed with Draco Malfoy, and wanted to write about the feeling of being trapped in love with someone you knew was a bad person and bad for you.”

Abi also says, “I was inspired to try a different sound working with the guys in the band, who come from a heavy progressive rock background. It’s kind of a warped love song so having a rock vibe to it felt right.”

The heavy rock elements, in the style of Evanescence and Sleep Token, lead the song with a distorted electric guitar, hard-hitting drums and haunting synth sounds. The lyrics tell a gut-wrenching story of being trapped in a toxic relationship, and the devastating line of “I’d rather be fighting than lonely…” drives this message home.

Despite her age, Abi Muir has already crafted a very impressive resume! Her debut single, “heebiejeebies”, recorded in her home studio, quickly gained her a large following and caught the attention of industry professionals. Abi has an International win in the Unsigned Only competition as well as being a Finalist in the Queensland Music Awards. Abi’s highly anticipated debut EP is scheduled for release on March the 4th, so definitely pay close attention to this indie pop superstar in the making.

Stockholm is out now on all streaming platforms.

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