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Brealyn Sheehan – Forbidden Fruit

It is always exciting when a singer-songwriter steps up to the microphone and effortlessly blows away the competition. The discovery of an emerging performer who is obviously destined to go far is a rare occurrence and as she gears up for the forthcoming release of her debut EP – Temptation’s Door – it is evident that Far North Queensland songstress Brealyn Sheehan is one of these elusive talents. Celebrating the release of her debut single – Forbidden Fruit – at the end of February, the talented artist has already been turning heads on the live circuit, aptly described by critics as ‘red velvet meets the wild west’.

Forbidden Fruit is a worthy introduction to the singer, who has been refining her skills as a songwriter over the past few years, getting ready to share her wares with the world. The EP is a heady collection of beautifully crafted songs that will resonate with audiences of all ages. The commonality of the themes throughout the EP are perfectly represented in Forbidden Fruit, with its emotionally laden lyrics and stripped back instrumentation.

forbidden fruit (single cover)“It is about wanting someone that part of your instincts tells you that you shouldn’t want,” says Brealyn. “I think a lot of people might relate to this for their own reasons. I was writing about the feeling of being swept up by both my emotions and desire, and how that ultimately made it difficult to resist someone. Forbidden Fruit started with the dark tones of chord progressions I was fooling around with. I had the drum beat in my head from the beginning, which helped shape the rest of the song. I knew from the imagery the melody brought to my mind that it would be a song about desire, but the lyrics came along a little later.”

The single – like the forthcoming EP – were recorded under the guidance of Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise), which helped bring the sound to fruition in the studio. “I had a pretty clear vision for this song when I went into the studio,” says Brealyn. “I was clutching the production notes about the feel I wanted the song to have, they said ‘atmospheric, lush, mysterious and emotional’. Mark was really sensitive to the songs and he understood the atmosphere I was after. He played several instruments on the track and really added the mood I was looking for.”

Ever the perfectionist when it comes to her sound, Brealyn was also specific about the percussion and instrumentation in Forbidden Fruit. “One of my friends Julia Fujita plays musical saw,” she says. “I knew from when I started writing this song, it had to have the saw in it. The double bass, lead guitar and saw weave around each other to create a haunting effect, which was punctuated by the drums. Mark added some extra touches with the keys and a fabulous vintage vibraphone he has in the studio. He also laid down the gently sweeping layers of guitar in the chorus, which we nick-named the guitar orchestra.”

Recorded in Big Sister Studio and mastered by Grammy award-winning engineer William Bowden (Gotye, Tim Finn), the EP and its six-tracks are a perfect representation of where Brealyn is at as an artist. Since embracing music as her professional direction, this talented songstress has already earned herself a formidable reputation. Growing up in the sugar community of Babinda, fringed by North Queensland world heritage listed rainforest, Brealyn now bases herself in Cairns and is a regular on the live circuit. Already she can add enviable festivals such as Wallaby Creek Festival, Cairns Festival and Brisbane Fringe, to name a few, to her gig history. She has also been lauded with accolades, recently being named Best Performer at the Cairns to Nashville Song Contest and as a recent nominee in The Cairns Post HIT awards.

Effortlessly moving from genres such as jazz-fused-blues, haunting ballads to splashes of indie guitar and lush vocals, it is evident Brealyn is 100 per cent comfortable in her skin and her sound. She is well-known for her sassy stage presence, something she has managed to capture in her studio recordings, making an almost visual listening experience. Forbidden Fruit is the perfect introduction to her forthcoming EP, a release that is jam-packed with musical gems.

“I’m really excited to be releasing my debut EP,” says Brealyn. “I can’t wait to share it with an audience. I never thought I would get a chance to pursue music and this journey has been fulfilling a lifelong dream. I can’t wait to continue the adventure with the release of Temptation’s Door.”

Brealyn Sheehan’s debut single Forbidden Fruit is released to radio on Friday 26th February 2016. The Temptation’s Door EP is due for release on Friday 15th April 2016. For more information, please visit

Stream Forbidden fruit on JJJ Unearthed or Bandcamp

Brealyn will be performing with her trio at intermission at the All About Women gig at the Tanks this Sunday 6th March.

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