Cameron Cusack Endless Summer

Cameron Cusack – Endless Summer

Cameron Cusack has just realeased his first single ‘Endless Summer’ off the up coming album due to be realesed mid year. This is the next single released after the artists EP ‘Cars and Guitars’ feauturing the hit song ‘Hot Rod Town’ which peeked #2 of the ‘Australian Indipendent Great Southern Charts’.

Two time Toyota Star Maker Finalist Cameron Cusack grew up in Merimbula on the Far South Coast of New South Wales. With a lot of determination the artist went from street busking to big stage performer in just a few short years. Growing up in a musical family gave Cameron the passion to share his love of music with the world, taking national to international.

Cameron is currently touring around the place to promote the single and he took a bit of time off to have a chat with NQ Music Press..

TM:- Your bio says you grew up in a musical family, can you expand on that?

CC:- My great grandfather was from Calcutta India where he recorded albums as a bass guitarist in a Hawaiian Calypso styled band. A few of my uncles play in Reggae and Jazz bands. My grandfather brought me up on Country music. At home my mum sings, my younger sister plays guitar and sings and my even younger brother is a drummer! So there was a lot of noise and jamming was growing up. Every time we all manage to get together it’s a lot of fun.

TM:- Where was the single recorded?

CC:- The single was recorded in a few different studios, Rancom St. studios in Botany is where all the band tracks were laid down, The Hillbilly Hut Studios on the central coast NSW is where the vocals were recorded. Music Hub in Cairns was were the guitar track and banjo tracks were put down.
The producer for the Ep I met as Troy Cassar-Daleys bass player and producer on the tour. His name is Simon Johnson. The engineer was Ted Howard, and in Cairns was local Matt Bell. The band I used was Pete Drummond from the well known band Dragon, who plays drums, bass was Simon Johnson from the TCD band, Glenn Hannah played some guitars who is the Golden Guitar Awards guitarist, backing vocals by Brendan Radford.

TM:- Your song ‘Hot Rod Town’ peaked at #2 on the ‘Australian Independent Great Southern Charts’. Can you tell the readers what that song is about and what tactics you used to get it into the charts?

CC:- The song Hot Rod Town came from my love of classic cars, and in that point of my life I was working with cars, so I wanted to give that Ep a “Cars & Guitars” feel, my two loves at that time. I couldn’t write a car song though. This time I asked Troy Cassar-Daley if he had any ideas, this song was in my inbox a day later! He said it’s mine, I can use it, Which was awesome. My distribution label WJO australia distributed it to radio stations, it managed to get enough plays to reach number 2 on the chart, Which was a great feeling!

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