Angus & Julia Stone

Angus and Julia Stone

The music world breathed a collective sigh of relief in April last year when it was announced that siblings, Angus and Julia Stone were teaming with producer Rick Rubin to start work on their third album together.

After taking the world by storm with their award winning, triple platinum and Aria #1 album, “Down the Way” which featured the hit single ‘Big Jet Plane’, the pair stunned fans and critics alike when they announced in 2012 that they were parting ways to do some solo work. This period saw Angus release ‘Broken Lights’ and Julia ‘By the Horns’, both of which were met with critical acclaim but whereas together they were dynamic, apart there seemed to be something missing.

“It was definately a break we had to have,” mused Angus.

“I think alot of bands experience what we went through. Things kind of get to a certain stage where you just get over it really. Things like touring and stuff just weren’t as exciting so we sat down and had a chat about going our own ways and making our own records which we did and I think we needed to to get that off our chest so to speak. Coming back together though was great. It was a good feeling.”

“I think in our time apart we both grew a little,” he continued. “We grew into our writing and ourselves a bit more and walking up to this record it really felt like there was a change underneath us and we were ready to get back into it.”

The result is their self titled album, ‘Angus and Julia Stone’. As well as being widely considered their finest album to date, both together or in solo form, it also debuted at #1 on the ARIA charts as well as in the Top Ten in numerous other countries. It is an album that has been fuelled by their seperation and subsequent reformation, and in many ways is the defining point of their career to date.

“The whole experience of making this record was quite unexpected,” Angus explained. “We got a call from this producer and it was in the time when Julia and I had gone our seperate ways and didn’t know when we would cross paths again but it was a really good opportunity so we moved to L.A and we made this record in a really cool studio with alot of history called Shangri La and the whole experience was really humbling and I think sometimes the most unexpected things can often turn out to be the most beautiful.”

One major thing that Angus and Julia did differently this time around was in the writing process for the album. Whereas in the past they wrote seperately and then came together to finish the music, this time around they started and finished the process together with better than expected results.

“This time around was different,” Angus agreed. “We wanted something to change. We wanted this first record getting back together to be a fresh start so we wrote together for the first time which was cool. It’s something we hadn’t done before and it feels like a really positive change. We’re really proud of what we’ve done with this record.”

“We both love and are really passionate about recording and writing and touring. It feels like it is slowly growing and growing and growing which is good. It’s the way it should be. We’re sticking around – we’re not just here for a quick fix.”

When it comes to goals, most people set the bar unreasonably high, but in Angus’ case he seems to set goals more from within.

“I think for me I just want to stay inspired,” he said. “I don’t want to set the bar too high or conquer the world or anything. I just want to stay inspired and still have that passion and romance of wanting to keep writing and creating. I think when that stops it’s time to change the scenery – perhaps to become a carpenter or something,” he laughed.

Not one to crave the spotlight or lather himself in accolades, Angus is equally as approachable about the legacy he hopes to leave.

“I guess something genuine that makes you feel something,” he offered, “whether it’s falling in love with somebody to my music…. I don’t really know. I want people to experience the feeling I get when I first started writing a song and I’m sure that has happened so I’m pretty humbled with that.”

Angus and Julia Stone play the Cairns Convention Centre on Tuesday February 10.

Kris Peters

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