Dee & Jo

Lady Serpentine – Beating Heart

Two Hearts , Two friends And One Dance Floor Banger

  Lady Serpentine is the brainchild of FNQ’s Indi rock artist and singer songwriter Dee Lunar . Always having an interest in making electronic music she found herself deep diving into her midi keyboard and laptop after her band broke up . Dee says ,” Bored and feeling lost I just felt like hiding at home in my PJ’s making dance music for a while , but with a quirky rock edge ” . Lady Serpentine is a project intended to bring woman together in song and spirit .

 Emerging from a couple of months of been in a creative bubble and in social hibernation , Dee put the call out for female singers to collaborate on this new project and Joanne Heming was one of the first to answer that call . 

Front woman of Cairns rock band My Deaf Eyes , Joanne is no stranger to performing and songwriting but says she had always wanted do something creative with EDM and was excited to take the opportunity to try a different genre . After a lyric writing session together Joanne recorded her vocals in Dee’s Home studio and Beating Heart was born. 

Dee still plans on releasing rock music as Dee Lunar but is really excited to share a different side to herself and to have an electronic canvas to express herself on with no limitations .

She plans on collaborating with various female singers and rappers in the future and looks forward to some amazing collaborations.

Beating heart will be released 11th Aug on digital platforms, Check out the promo vid below..

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