Mooroobool Crew

Mooroobool Crew

We do like the occasional feelgood story here at NQ Music Press central..

Over 20 young people from ages 5-12 have teamed up with local musician/community worker Adrian Thomas and the Red Cross to create a song and music video combatting Bullying, Swearing and violence in and around the hub at Mooroobool.

Mooroobool is one of the most concentrated low socio economic areas of Cairns traditionally known for all the wrong reasons, “this music video is one of the lights” says Adrian Thomas “There are many many talented young people in this community, respectful and amazing kids, they just like us need some attention and consistency”

Adrian has made music videos for young people in Manoora and Yarrabah and strongly advocates for more music and mindfulness in our schools and young people’s lives. “The kids light up when they sing, dance and create” Mooroobool Hub is currently without a tender and it’s programming has ceased whilst the tender is being sorted placing all the more importance on positive engaging programming for the children.

Adrian also runs a movement mindfulness program he runs voluntarily that teaches young people to regulate their energy and calm their mind. “The kids love it, the more we open our minds, the more we can counteract the mundane and the negative influences of a fast paced world” “the more mindfulness and awareness especially through music and mindfulness we can give early, the stronger fighting chance they have to break out of lateral, domestic violence, crime, delinquency and other cycles of poverty.

Many of the young people are of Indigenous, Pacific and Torres Strait Islander descent, sharing a message of support, respect and safety, coming together for the community.

Check out the video here..

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