Only Ghosts Remain

Only Ghosts Remain – Shades of Grey

Local Metalheads ‘Only Ghosts Remain’  are about to release their new single Shades of Grey.  The band consists of four members: Lauren Barnes, Aaron Bell, Cedric Kirchner, and Tim Edwards. Although Only Ghosts Remain receive creative inspiration from a variety of artists, their unique and authentic sound has been described as having “dynamic passages that meander between neck-snapping breakdowns and intimate, ethereal interludes”.  

Only Ghosts Remain have gained experience supporting the likes of Make Them Suffer, in addition to three time Aria award winning act Northlane. With tour cancellations due to COVID-19, the band look forward to getting back on the road for their fans once the opportunity arises.  

To date, Only Ghosts Remain have four single releases in their online discography. Some of their most popular tracks include the likes of ‘Scars’, amassing almost fifty-seven thousand streams, ‘As the Light Fades’, gathering fifty-two thousand streams, and ‘Broken’, with nearly forty-two thousand streams on Spotify alone. With numbers like that, there’s no denying the fact that Only Ghosts Remain have developed a dedicated following of loyal fans who will be eager to hear their upcoming single. 

 ‘Shades of Grey’ by Only Ghosts Remain, is out on the 30th of October and will be available to stream on all major streaming platforms.

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