Vivien Aisi

Vivien Aisi – Nine To Five

Vivien Aisi previously known as Ms. V is a versatile singer known for her distinct soulful voice. Originally from PNG, Vivien moved to Australia settling permanently in Cairns. Since then she has supported various bands and recording artists in the studio and out in the Music scene for the past decade. After showcasing her songs around Cairns, she gained the confidence to record her own material and has since released “Lost In Time” and “Kiss The Stars“. As the release of her debut EP looms, Vivien Aisi has just released “Nine To Five“, a down tempo R&B/Soul track about the daily grind.

“Nine to Five pays homage to the challenges of working tirelessly just to get by” Vivien explains. Originally the Instrumental belonged to MC Pyrit with the intention to record a chill hip hop track. But after a particularly creative afternoon when she was feeling overwhelmed, she finished the track in three hours and was able to release it herself, “lucky he signed the beat off to me”

“The song came after a tough day during an uncertain time at work. People were losing their jobs daily without forewarning. We all knew it was coming so the months leading up to it, there was so much pressure, insecurity and everyone was on edge to see when their day would come.” – Vivien Aisi

“Kiss the Stars” and “Nine to Five” from the EP were recorded at  Purple Sound studiosin Cairns under the guidance of Damian Codotto with other EP tracks “Lost in Time”, “Just Leave” and “Yesterday” being recorded at Coconut Grove Studios Kuranda under the guidance of Lawrence Goodwin. It was Mastered in Melbourne VIC by Nicolas Di Lorenzo of Panorama Mastering.

Although Vivien has been in the scene for many years, it is only in recent months that have seen her lifelong dream begin to flourish. 2019 saw Vivien explore new genres such as Electronic Pop & Hip Hop leading up to the release of Rap Artist MC Pyrit’s debut single “Dream Walkers” which featured the vocals of Vivien Aisi. Inspired by this release, Vivien went on to record & release her first ever single and video titled “Lost in Time” which has found its way onto various Spotify playlists including the Caribbean Broadcaster Network Spotify Playlists and Q Music’s Keep Listening Playlist .

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