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Rum, Forest, Rum – City Lights

2016 Looks set to be a bumper year for local music releases with impending releases from Jobstopper, Brealyn Sheehan, Katie Jay, Emmaline already in the works. Rum, Forest, Rum have also just released a lyric video for their new track “City Lights” off their upcoming E.P.

I caught up with Rum,Forest, Rum’s lead vocalist/guitarist Tyson Beable and asked him to spill the dirt on the new track..

“We wrote the song City Lights about following our goals and dreams as musicians, about taking a bigger step and moving forward with the band. We chose to promote the upcoming EP by releasing this song first because the EP varies with faster, more punk influenced songs to slower mellow acoustic songs, City Lights seemed like the perfect inbetween. We recorded the EP in Cairns, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Jake Nelis at Archon Audio a bit past Mossman”

I thought it was a curious move to release a track as a lyric Video, Tyson explained..

“We decided to release the song with a Lyric Video because the lyrical content of the song really meant something to us. We approached a few different companies and decided to try our luck by messaging one guy in particular, Adam Gendler, who was very happy to work with us after hearing the song. He has done previous Lyric Video work for YouTube musicians such as Jarrod Alonge, Dave Days as well as Fearless Records “Pop Goes Christmas”. So together shooting emails back and forward we came up with how we wanted the video to look etc. and he helped us make it”

And when can we get our grubby little hands on the full new Rum, Forest, Rum E.P release?

“We’re really proud of how everything turned out with the song and video and are looking forward to announce the EP’s release in the coming weeks”

There you have it, check out the new video below.

Todd Macalpine

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