Greta Rose Stanley Balcony TV

Balcony TV Cairns

Balcony TV is an online, global music show that attracts over 20 million viewers daily.

The show started off in Dublin and is now in New York, London, Brighton, Auckland, Toronto, Paris, Madrid, Nashville, Hamburg, Mexico City, Atlanta, Istanbul and many more:- over 60 cities worldwide. Log in and watch music from around the world. BalconyTV is coming to Cairns this weekend and every month from then on.

BTV won a webby award (Oscars of the internet) in 2008 and is admired around the world by millions of fans.

Inspired by the Beatles playing famously on a rooftop, places all around the world have followed suit and promote their best musical talent via the balcony.

Bands/artists sing one original song and are given a few weeks of airtime then replaced with new talent from the local balcony area or touring artists coming to visit Cairns.

The Jack Hotel and Cairns City Council proudly support the show as its first major sponsors. The Jack Hotel will make the production of BalconyTV into a free community event, for all to enjoy.

On the last Sunday of every month, local bands and musicians will shoot their song for the show and then turn around and play a free, live set for the community. Musicians will play from 3-5pm and we kick off the BTV Season at this time on 28th of September. The First instalment of Balcony TV Cairns will feature Greta Rose Stanley and Chris Ahgee.

Come down and support a great new local event and your local musicians.

Check out Balcony TV at :-

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