Northern Exposure 2003

Northern Exposure 20032003 saw the local scene really start to mature. Barfly magazine were being very supportive of the local scene. The Cairns Post had Michael Hartshorn at the helm of their entertainment section and were featuring lots of local original music. Pandamonium were putting on weekly original gigs at both Johnos and The Courthouse Hotel. All the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place. Velma (Formerly Brace) had the fantastic “Second Chance”, Function had “Nothing New”. The Killer Beez unleashed their majestic “Woven Room”. Dr Parallax had the wonderful instrumental “Comasphere”. Pachooka had the rootsy “Pickup The World”. Strong Metal outings from Locotus, Exonerate, Slaves Of Roswell, Urban Static, Displacia and Scapegoat. The Unknown reformed to record “That’s Life”. Melt, fronted the talented ms Kate Finkelstein had the track “Tsunami”. Becky and Deion from  Chakra BC went under the name DFRS for “Let’s Go”. Tablelands band “Stink Juice” released the track “Got No Money” and Obsidian had the catchy track “Broken Boy”.  All in all good efforts from all bands on this CD!