Trick Question

Trick Question

Trick Question were one of the better Cairns bands around the mid to late 90s. Brothers Jason and Luke Fenech, along with Rob Thompson and Dean Milton created a formidable ACDC/ Metalica-esque sound with hooks to die for.

One classic rock memory I have of Trick Question was playing at the NQ Bike Show in Townsville. My band Trick Question Jason FenechCrawling King Snake were playing after Trick Question. On our way down to Townsville we had a stone hit our windscreen smashing it into tiny diamonds of safety glass, but leaving the windscreen intact enough to complete the journey by peering through tiny diamonds as we drove. We made it to the gig just as Trick Question were starting their set. After pullng up behind the massive scaffold stage and P.A system that would have done the Big Day Out proud, we came to a standstill. First kick drum beat from Luke Fenech through the P.A and the window of the van blew out into a million pieces. It was a real Spinal Tap moment.

In 1997 the Trick Question guys headed for Melbourne to record 2 brilliant E.Ps with Andy Baldwin at Kiss Music. “Sore” was released first and “Termination Green” a few months later. Drummer Luke Fenech Explains “We really had no idea what we were doing, we actually transported all our amps. drums and everything to Melbourne to find the studio already stocked with every Amp and drum imaginable”.  Luke went on to explain “it was a great learning experience working at 301, everything had to be perfect, no room for mistakes”. The E.Ps were tracked direct to 2 inch analogue tape, an expensive, but worthwhile exercise. The recording were mastered by legendary mastering engineer Don Bartley at 301 studios in Melbourne.

NQ MUSIC PRESS have unearthed the long out of print  E.Ps “Sore” and Termination Green” (which were all originally hand numbered!) and have added them to the NQ Music Archive. We present them now for your listening pleasure..


Trick Question Sore






Just A Game

Grain Of Salt

Termination Green E.P

Trick Question - Termination Green





Termination Green