Brealyn Sheehan

Resonate – The Brassett Hounds, Ray Danes, Brealyn Sheehan

The Brassett Hounds return to Resonate this Thursday the 12th May. The Brassett Hounds formed in 2015, performing their collection of eclectic originals in the bars and local haunts of Far North Queensland. Their unique sound and raw, emotional lyrical performance provides a deeply engaging experience.

With influences ranging from Jack White and Smashing Pumpkins to Gary Clarke Jnr and the Lumineers, the Brassett Hounds will take you on a journey of lust, covortion and heart break. From the delta blues numbers “hold my own” and “Drink to Myself” to the energetic Grunge Rock numbers “Spinster” and “Heart in 2”, the Brassett Hounds provide a truly eclectic and entertaining performance.

Playing the 8.20 slot this week is the always popular Ray Danes.laying the 9.30 slot at Resonate this week is Ray Danes. The son of a singer and pianist, Ray inherited his mother’s ear for a tune and is a natural performer with a gift for narrative. Though it’s early days in his career, Ray was spotted by Ritzland Records, who promptly offered to put his music out to a wider audience and offer him management services. Recently he supported Ash Grunwald at the Tanks Arts Centre in Cairns and won a slot at The Tablelands Folk Festival where he recorded a “Van Jam” film clip. In July 2014, he launched his debut single ‘Falling’ at The Grace Darling Hotel in Melbourne with a sixpiece band performing all the tracks from his new album ‘In Fear’.

Ray’s music is a modern take on the folk rock genre that has a unique and often haunting feel of its own. Through it all, Ray’s pure and easy tone effortlessly delivers the stories and experiences that matter to him. Rays says most of his songs “are about someone else who is in a situation. ‘Falling’ is kind of a stalker song’.

Brealyn Sheehan will play the 9.30 set this week. Brealyn recently played a sold out CD launch to release her new “Temptations Door” E.P. No doubt Brea will be playing some if not all of the awesome songs on the CD. If you haven’t had a chance to hear the CD yet, as the man says.. “Do yaself a favour!” It’s available at Travelbeats in Cairns, or you can grab a copy off Brea on Thursday night.

Resonate is staged every Thursday night at the Grand Hotel in Cairns. Resonate blasts off at 7.00pm and entry is free!

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