Resonate – Drewboy, Rebecca Langtree, Steve Towson

Resonate kicks off again this Thursday night at the Grand Hotel with three great acts.

Playing the 7.00pm slot this week is Drewboy (aka Drew Brauer). Drewboy made a big impact on the Resonate crowd when he played about 6 weeks again and we are looking forward to getting him back. Drew is a rapidly progressing songwriter that’s coming along in leaps and bound. We suspect it’s only a matter of time before some savvy record label snaps him up.

Playing the 8.20 slot is Rebecca Langtree. Rebecca has been popping up at venues all around town, including a recent support slot with the Tea Party’s Jeff Martin at Brothers. Rebecca has a very unique voice and a load of really nice originals, don’t miss her.

South-east Queensland-based musician Steve Towson is once again hitting the road, taking his music to a festival, conventional music establishments and – in typical Towson style – several unorthodox venues. Towson is a regular of the Queensland and Australian music scenes, bringing his passionate brand of punk-inspired anti-folk to audiences around the country and beyond.  He’s also fundraising and collecting resources for the Australian Cultural Library, an independent project he co-founded three years ago. Steve is a an old of friend of Pandamonium Records, having played several Pandamonium gigs over the years including R.A.W, Resonate and the Panda room.  Steve has toured NQ so many times, we almost condsider him a local! We look forward to welcoming him back to Cairns!

There’s a new chef in the kitchen at the Grand and a complete new menu. If you haven’t had a feed at the Grand for a while you definitely need to check out the new look menu. Having only been there a couple of weeks they seem to have tripled the business in the kitchen, one look at the food and you will see why! Kitchen opens at 6.00, Resonate kicks off at 7.00 and entry is free, what’s not to like?

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