Secret Solice

Resonate – Ray Danes, Sweet K, Secret Solice

Big thanks to Mitch Sullivan for looking after Resonate for me last week, stellar job. I will be looking forward to getting back this week with a great mix of favourite acts and new acts.

First up will be Ray Danes playing the 7.00pm slot will be Ray Danes. Born in Atherton, before later moving to Bega, NSW. Ray learned to play Drums at an early age and later started playing guitar, singing and writing songs. He began studying music and moved to Cairns in 2011 to pursue a music career. In 2012, inspired by Ed Sheeran, he began playing gigs and was resident musician at ‘Clifton Capers’ Clifton Beach. In 2012 Ray was the winner of the ‘Tablelands Folk Festival’ song writing competition and has recently released his first EP.

Sweet K will be playing the 8.20pm slot this week. Sweet K seem to get more popular each time they play Resonate, it’s great to see an act coming along in leaps and bounds and getting a great reaction to their original tunes.

Playing the 9.30pm slot will be new act to Resonate Secret Solice. Secret Solis are a dynamic acoustic/Indie rock band now based in Cairns. Fusing alternative rock, folk, blues, roots and funk with Eastern, Celtic and Classical influences, this exciting new band delivers a captivating and emotive live performance. Haunting male and female vocal harmonies combine seamlessly with sensitive lyrics to engage the audience in a musical journey exploring the complexities of life. Thought provoking, raw, and sonically brilliant, Secret Solis engenders an appeal that is universal.

In a recent critique by Multi Grammy award winning Producer, James Sangar (Dido, Sinead O’Connor, Annie Lennox, U2, The Cure, Madonna), Secret Solis was praised for their musicianship, soul, and unique vocal abilities:

“Beautiful, warm and rich vocal harmonies. Makes me feel like crying, dancing, laughing, swirling, and frolicking. These guys really have something.” – James Sangar

The core duo that comprises Secret Solis have just completed a two-year song writing hiatus in remote South Australia, near Uluru.

“Out here in the desert, away from everything … in the silence … you learn a lot about yourself and what’s important in life. This period of time has been vital for our growth, both personally, and musically.” – Cally

Founding member, Kian was an active musician in North QLD for thirteen years before his journey to the desert 2 years ago. Ripping out his own style of open-tuned guitar, punchy lyrics, harp and foot percussion, Kian is known for his high energy performances. His approach to guitar work has always been explorative and he has developed a distinctive style, blending impressive fingerpicking with fat, percussive chops. He loves the light and shade of reflective melodies and uses predominately alternative scales. Kian has a penchant for bands like The Tea Party, A Perfect Circle, Pink Floyd, Ben Harper, John Butler, Led Zeplin, Deer Hunter, Porcupine Tree, Smashing Pumpkins and The Doors.

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