Mae Brooks

Mae Brooks – Real You

The latest installment of Balcony TV features Mae Brooks singing her original song “Real You”

Aspiring to emerge as a female recording artist in R&B/ Pop, Mae has been inspired by various artists over a range of genres. Her influences include Michael Jackson, Lauryn Hill, Freddie Mercury, and Shania Twain, as well other classical musicians.

Growing up, Mae was exposed to church hymns and choir groups, joining her first choir at age 4. She wrote her first song at the age of 9 that she sang for her school talent show, and used the piano and clarinet to compose melodies. In 2016, Mae is due to graduate from medical school in Australia, completing a 6-year degree for a Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. Whilst singing is her life passion, Mae and her family value education highly. ‘I’ve always known singing and song writing is my passion, but I promised myself to be patient and finish medicine first, then I can finally go onto pursue music’.

Whilst studying, Mae has worked on her own music and cover songs, sharing with fans and friends through live performances and social media. She has been part of contemporary vocal groups and performs regularly at venues in her hometown. After receiving encouragement from those who had heard her music, she moved to New York for a year in 2015. The city has further inspired her to pursue her musical passion, and she has since performed at venues in New York City, worked with the well known vocal coach Craig Derry and attended an R&B and soul focused vocal class 6 days a week.

Mae plans to continue writing and recording, currently working on her EP that will be released in 2017. She hopes to add her unique sound to the increasingly popular R&B-pop/ Trap-Soul fusion scene and in turn, be a positive influence on her followers.

Check out the Balcony TV clip of “Real You” by Mae Brooks below:-

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