The Zephyrbees – Third Rock

The Zephyrbees play their track “Third Rock” in this recent episode of Balcony TV.

According to the guys:- “We are the Bees on the Gees. We love to bring our sweet nectar straight live and direct to your ears. You’ll often find us collecting good vibes in the sun, supporting other local acts and laying down our own original music that brings in the delicious honeys. Forming our hive in the tropics of Cairns Queensland we are FNQ’s new alternative rock band ‘The Zephyrbees’ flying high, providing some groovy tunes with influences coming from reggae, punk and hip-hop. Each individual brings to the hive their own unique personal influences and style. We collaborate on our broad backgrounds to keep our tunes fresh. Most importantly we have fun and try not to put our bees in a box of definitions; we simply let it Bee. Known for playing our songs in any genre you’ll be surprised when you hear us turn our chill reggae song into something more rocking, with elements of our punk upbringings. We love our beers and babes. Sex, Hugs and Rock n Bowl. Buzzin!”

Check out “Third Rock” below..

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