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Glider Pilots – Brand New Day

Glider Pilots are a new brother & sister indie rock based duo with an electronic edge. They are putting together an impressive collection of original songs, and have just released their self recorded and produced film clip for the song “Brand New Day” (check it out at the bottom of this story).

Ben Hope plays guitar, analog synths and composes the music. He also likes to take care of recording and production duties. Sam Hope is the vocalist and primary songwriter, she also plays a bit of synth.

Glider Pilots music revolves around the use of delicate guitar melodies, breathy vocals, analog synthesisers and the use of samples and drum machines.  The duo achieve an impressive minimalistic, but ethereal sound.

I asked Ben where their songwriting influences come from and he enthused “Paper Kites (For their lyric structure and musicality), Alt-J (For their unique song structure), Patrick James (For their use of voice and lyric delivery) and The xx (For their minimalism and use of synths and drum machines)”

I was curious about the mechanics of playing with Siblings and the possibility of sibling rivalry, Ben set me straight “We’re not sure about rivalry, but we have gotten angry at each other from time to time, which usually creates better music. Our ideas sometimes clash, creating something way better then what we were even arguing about in the first place”

The duo have just released the song and film clip Brand new day, which Sam says is about “A time in our lives where we just seemed to be in a rut, including the relationships we had with people that seemed to go around in circles. The realisation within the song is the need to get out of that rut and move forward.”

A lot of newer electronic acts seem to rely on software synthesisers and virtual synths, not so with Glider Pilots. Sam explained their love of analog synthesis “It’s mainly got to do with the creative process. There’s just something more comfortable about sitting in front of a physical instrument, and turning knobs until something sounds good. We also appreciate the raw sound that comes with analog synths. Also Ben hates digging through menus on a computer”

You can check out the video for Glider Pilots Band New Day below and visit their website  –

Todd Macalpine

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