Machine Machine

Machine Machine at Hyperdrive

Coming off some killer live sets in the last week at Coalesecence Festival and the Cairns Cares Cyclone Fundraiser, Physc/Funkadelic Alt-Rockers Machine Machine will be bringing the skank to ‘Hyperdrive’ on Saturday 22nd April at the Cairns Pirates Touch Football Club.

Presented by Farm House Productions and featuring a massive line up of local original music from Hip Hop to Punk Rock, Machine Machine will perform alongside MC Crocket, R.3.B, Zephyrbees, Hungry Lungs, Swamp Donkey, Meat Bikini and Tropic Roots.

Speaking to Dylan Hopper of Machine Machine, the guitarist let me in on the bands plans for 2017.

“This year feels like the year we’ll really get things into motion. We’ve been in the studio for a while now perfecting our first EP which we’ll be dropping sometime mid year and it then looks like we’ll probably have another one for later this year too. We’ve also finally got the Machine Machine Machine! Our own van, so we’ll have a tour or two happening soon. We’ve also got some cool shirts on the way too so you’ll be seeing some people rocking some MM merch.”

Having all studied music together at Tafe North last year, the band choose their teacher and local guitar maestro Mick Porter to record their first yet to be release EP at Sound Dog Studios.

“We’ve gone for a different approach and recorded our songs live, which really brought out a lot of energy in the tracks. A lot of them were done first take, we smashed out 10 songs in an afternoon!”

“Listening to it, it’s like hearing us play our best show ever. Everything we did in the original live take is there, we’ve just added a bit of backing vocals and some lead guitar. Which is cool because we’ve started playing our songs like that at gigs now.”

With a reputation for a high energy live show, the bands exciting genre mix comes from a large range of musical influences.

“We all have a pretty eclectic taste in music. Everything from Disney to experimental jazz we listen to. But when we write and play I feel like we tap into mostly funky stuff and play with some psychedelic sounds. Then we’ll smash out a hard hitting rock riff here and there with a bit of the skank of course.”

Amongst a massive line up of live original music including R.3.B, Zephyrbees, Swamp Doney and Meat Bikini, the fellas at Machine Machine are pumped for a rocking night at Cairns Pirates Touch Football Club.

“Saturday will be great, we played an epic gig there last time. Even had a break dance circle happening!”

Machine Machine perform at HYPERDRIVE at Cairns Pirates Touch Football Club. Saturday 22nd April. 5pm till late. $5 Entry. Check the Facebook event page for more details.

Set times:

Crocket – 5:00 pm

R.3.B – 5:45 pm

Zephyrbees – 6:30 pm

Hungry Lungs – 7:15 pm

Swamp Donkey – 8:00 pm

Machine Machine – 8:45 pm

Meat Bikini – 9:30 pm

Tropic Roots – 10:15 pm

Mitch Sullivan

Pic by Stewart McLean

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