Bleeding Jelly Eyes

Bleeding Jelly Eyes – Giddyupknucklehead

GiddyupknuckleheadIt’s been 16 years since Pandamonium Records released  the magnificent Giddyupknucklehead by Bleeding Jelly Eyes. The guys won some recording time at Select Sound studio in a battle of the bands  competition and managed to blast out 13 songs in succsession that comprise this little masterpiece. The album was then remastered by Pandamonium and released in 1998 on the new label (#PDM0002). Bass player and vocalist Kane Raybould recalls- “Yeah we just went in and recorded as much as we could in the time we had. I think it was a days recording or something like that. The band comp was at the campus shopping centre in the carpark” .

I commented at the time how doing a political song (How Johnny) was going to give the song a limited lifespan. How wrong I was, unfortunately, Johnny How went on to be relevant for close to a decade!

When asked how he thinks the album stands up after 16 years her replied – “I think it still has relevance now, especially ‘How Johnny’ which was directed at John Howard (just swap Johnny for Tony haha). Who wouidn’t want to dance along like a spastic hillbilly chook to “Chicken’?” They just get better with age like a good vino, some of the songs are still played by Meat Bikini.

Eventually, Adam left the band to move down south and was replaced by Rob Eakin. Not long after that Alex Pap Smear went South as well which left Kane and Rob to form the nucleus of Meat Bikini, but that’s a story for another day kids..

  • Guitars, Vox – Alex Pap Smear
  • Bass, Vox – Kane Raybould
  • Drums – Adam Vines
Now long out of print, Giddyupknucklehead is here for you all to stream and enjoy..


How Johnny


Tear Me Apart


Chopin Chicken




You Wanted Out

Perkins Paste


Track 13