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King Pig

Tim Wright AKA King Pig was a key member of Cairns indie band Function, who released their “Test Pilot” album on my label, Pandamonium Records back in 2003. Test Pilot was produced and engineered by myself and Function, so you might say I am a tad familiar with the Function lads having spent so much time in the studio with them. I caught up with Tim to chat about his new project “King Pig”.

After Function disbanded in 2003 Tim found he had the time to focus on writing solo material and raising a young family. Music was never a choice for Tim, as he explains “I’d write even if no one was listening, but King Pig only started to form since the birth of my youngest kid.”

I asked Tim how how the King Pig project came into being and he offered “King Pig was really born a few years ago on a slow car trip to Sydney. Son house, Nick Drake and Bill Monroe were splitting time on the stereo and somewhere around Lismore at one of the many camp fires they all made sense together and a song got written. Later that song and many others were introduced to Dal Smart and Mark Myers and a plan to record them was born. This 6 track EP will be released in October. It was recorded at Big Sister Studios and will be released through Junkie Unkle.”

Tim is joined on the King Pig recording by Mark Myers (Also ex Function, the Middle East and currently the Starry Field) on electric guitar, piano and backup vocals. Jordan Ireland plays bass on one track as does Ben Jones. All the drums are Dal Smart and Dave breeze is on slide on a track. Simon mcminnamin is doing strings on 2 tracks.

I asked Tim how his music has evolved since his Function days and he replied, “Well as far as the sound goes I am singing these days. Its gotten better. Other people tell me it sounds good. I’m sceptical. As far as the songwriting I have definitely grown up and the lyrics reflect that. I’m probably still to ambitious for my technical ability”.

And the King Pig name? “The name King Pig comes from the game angry birds. I was playing a lot and the boss at the end game was giving me hell. I kind of liked the name and how it juxtaposed with the music.”

And the future of King Pig? Tim explained “Hopefully the Pig goes down to Melbourne next Feb for awhile. I’m already pretty deep into a full length album planned to start next June.”

King Pig plays a solo show at the Limetree at Trinity Beach tonight Friday the 5th Aug from 7.30pm. Greta Rose Stanley is also on the bill. King Pig will be launching the ep with a full band at the end of October.

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