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Resonate – Drewboy, Valerie Villa, Brealyn Sheehan

Two new acts to Resonate hit the Grand Hotel stage this Thursday night, along with crowd favourite Brealyn Sheehan & her trusty offsider Papa Stanley. Resonate seems to be gaining momentum each week. We always thought last week would be a quiet one due to stiff competition from the Kuranda Roots pre party around the corner at the Jack (and compounded by shitty weather!), however, a receptive crowd of Resonate regulars kept the place vibing. Emmaline and Ray Danes in particular played exceptional sets, with Emmaline having some enthusiastic dancers on the floor. Goes to show – put on quality hand picked acts (and pay them!), give them great sound and lights, and the people will come. If you are initiated, come down this Thursday night and find out what all the fuss is about!

Hitting the Resonate stage at 7.00pm this week is Drewboy. Derby grew up on a farm in a tiny country town 4hrs west of Brisbane called Tara. Taught himself guitar in Grade 11 and then found out he could sing a bit later.

“I have Always had a passion for writing my own songs, and creating a piece of music that I am truly happy with is still one of the most fulfilling feelings I have ever had. I have always just written for myself and it’s really just a bonus if other people like my songs or can get something out of them as well.”

Drew recently gave away his fly in fly out job meaning he can finally have time to focus on his music and getting songs out into the big wide world to see what happens.

Playing the 8.20 slot at Resonate this week is Valerie Villa. Valerie has been playing guitar for about 10 years now, starting out her live performance career busking and playing open mic nights. Until about a year ago Valerie played covers. Anyone checking out her youtube channel will see that her songwriting has come a long way in a year!

No stranger to the Resonate stage is Brealyn Sheehan. Always popular with the fussy Resonate crowd, Brea has become somewhat of a regular on the Grand hotel stage. Former singer of Cinnamon Sin, Brea has a big bluesy voice that has to be heard to be believed. Brea will be joined by the man in the hat (and possibly safari suit!) Papa Stanley on upright bass.

Resonate kicks off at 7.00pm every Thursday night at the Grand Hotel in Cairns. Entry is free!

Todd Macalpine

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